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"JVC’s SUPPLY CHAIN ASSURANCE KIT" is a do-it-yourself kit to help businesses provide assurance to the customers in their supply chain for gold and tungsten that the minerals they supply are conflict free. 

Assurance of the “conflict free” nature of a supply chain, along with information regarding mineral source, is now often required by industry customers of gold and tungsten products as a result of section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed in 2010.  Dodd-Frank requires that SEC-listed companies publicly disclose if any of the products they sell that are made with gold or tungsten are not “ conflict free.”  Therefore, every company in the direct or indirect supply chain of SEC-listed companies will need a supply chain assurance system to make this determination.  They will also need to communicate their commitment to their responsible supply chain, and details about their assurance system, to their customers.  Forms to use for this purpose are also available in the Kit. 

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