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J-BAR Resource Directory

The newest development at J-BAR is the publication of our new J-BAR Resource Directory. To date, J-BAR has distributed the directory to nearly 200 users of appraisal services including lawyer organizations, appraisers and insurance companies as well as consumer protection bureaus and state's attorney generals offices. The directory lists approximately 80 appraisers who have passed the J-BAR exam. It also lists detailed information on each individual, including education, credentials, appraisal experience and contact information.

J-BAR Appraisal Basics Course

Jewelry Appraisal Basics is the J-BAR course discussing legal liabilities associated with appraising jewelry, types of appraisals, methods of valuation, elements of an appraisal, language to include on appraisals and a thorough discussion of sound business ethics as applied to jewelry appraisals. This basic education provides a starting point from which jewelry professionals can build towards more technical education.


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Order the exam only for $59.95 by using the form above or order online:

J-BAR Additional Resources And Information

Listing of Appraisal Organizations and their contact info.

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